Pentafor Consulting


Dutch Phone: +31(0)630388806
Italian Phone: +393911030049
Via del Brennero Trav. I n. 109 – 55100 Lucca – S. Marco Italy


Who is Pentafor Consulting

Pentafor is a trademark MINì Italia Ultraverde, is a Consulting Company operating in The Netherlands for the last 25 years.

Thanks to this extensive and international experience Pentafor is able to connect this different worlds Holland and Italy.

Our experts are ranging in different sectors of activities with the target to support companies interaction operating in these different nations.


Services we offer

Finding Suppliers: Our experience of more than forty years in Italy and a quarter century in the Netherlands enables us to find the right suppliers for every need.

Order Management: Our experts, personally follow that orders are handled well and they reach the objectives required by the customer.

Finding Technicians: Although our consultants are technically prepared, they are always available to search on the market the right technicians to best fit the needs of technical excellence required by the customer.

Logistics Control: Our activities are not limited to a simple introduction of the customer with the companies, but they follow all logistics operations to the highest satisfaction of the parties.

Support: Consultants are all technically prepared for an immediate and first assessment of the validity of created contacts and for the verification of exchanges between companies.

Interpretation: The basis of our service is the deep understanding of the mentality, both commercial and technical, because the ability to make them understandable to the parties